Deel 4/Part 4

Behind the window this old guy is watching us; Ufo, the grandfather of Sawel

"Dutch"Tama with Kit Goodrich

Royailes Tulip, she did well on the journey to Holland where she could experience right away the cold

left: "Dutch"Tommy with Gerald Carlton- right: Mother Pumpkin with Tulip

Goofy (Am.Ch.Royailes A Cut Above). I felt very fortunate to meet the "old"father of my "half-Americans", old but still going strong

Rientje en Raven "relaxen"in England

Here she is, Silke , daughter of Julta Ranger (UK) x Dutch Ch.Jayne Our Loyal Welsh, on the pictures 7 1/2 week

Rientje in the field

Rientje's head

It is with pleasure that I can present the next generation;Raven, Rhiannon and Rhosyn, 
son and daughters
from Am.Ch.Royailes A Cut Above and Cari Terwyn Our Loyal Welsh UV'2007, 
born 25-7-2008. On the pictures they are 6 1/2 week.




"the sisters"


Absolute most favourite place of my youngest granddaughter

I will tell you a story


Quinta, daughter of Delwyn

Sawel 6 months

All the "goodies" are coming from ...

Am I not sweet?

How do I get this one under control?

In the Dutch field

They want me to sit

on the pictures 7 1/2 week , Iagos Wind of Sawel from the North (Gulsporrens Hunting Dutchman x 
Int&Nord U Ch Iagos All'bout the Money) bred by Yvonne Schwermer (Sweden).
For 25 years I did not use the name of Sawel. In honour to Dodo who learned me so much and Dalati Sawel
(see photoalbum 1) this little man will be called Sawel.
I hope he will grow up to and become a true Welsh and mean something for the breed in Holland.

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