Nieuws/ News 2007


HD-uitslag voor Jayne, net als Cari A

Clubmatch K.C.Winterswijk
Cari Terwyn Our Loyal Welsh JHK 1 U, beste teef
Jayne Our Loyal Welsh 1 U jeugdklasse
Snowy Swedish Girl Our Loyal Welsh Beste Puppy

Cari slaagt voor de Uithoudingsvermogentest ( 20 km naast de fiets lopen, daarna enkele GG-oefeningen), afgenomen door de Werkhondencommissie.

New Thyreoid result
Ned.Kamp. Ufo - Thyroxine and TSH concentrations are within normal range

3-3-2007 Show in Groningen
Cari - 1 U Res.CAC, Res.CACIB, tussenklasse
Jayne - 1 U, Jeugd CAC

25-3-2007 Show in Leiden
Cari Terwyn 3 Uitmuntend Openklasse
Jayne 1 Uitmuntend tussenklasse
Snowy Swedish Girl (Tracey) startte haar

officiele showcarriere met 1 Uitmuntend Jeugd CAC

Tracey slaagt met 62 punten voor het A-diploma Gedrag en Gehoorzaamheid ondanks dat we weinig konden trainen. Good girl!

11-4-2007 show Leeuwarden
Jayne 2 Uitmuntend Jeugdklasse
Cari 1 Uitmuntend tussenklasse

Binnen enkele dagen vertrek ik met Zuske voor de dekking in Zwitserland

Net terug uit Zwitserland met dochter Anne en de drie Welshen Zuske, Cari en Tracey Zie onder puppies

Show Goes
Tracey 1 Uitmuntend Jeugd CAC
Jayne 2 Uitmuntend tussenklasse
Cari 3 Uitmuntend open klasse

Picture made at Hillerod, Danmark sunday
Left Cari - best bitch open class
right - BOB Multi.Ch Ipi Pippi Our Loyal Welsh
foto gemaakt door Jan Buk

sfeervolle foto van Pippi, Welsh Springer of the year 2006 Danmark en Cari, gemaakt op de show Hillerod, Danmark  met een inschrijving van 42 Welsh Springer Spaniels onder keurmeester Frank Kane. Ipi Pippi won de kampioensklasse en was BOB, Cari won de open klasse , Tracey 2 uitmuntend jeugdklas, Jayne 2 uitmuntend jongehondenklasse en Sven 1 ZG Gebruikshondenklasse


I welcome on Dutch "ground" Iagos Wind of Sawel from the North who will come by aeroplane this sunday.
Further see photoalbum 3


HD-uitslag voor Tracey B


New eyeresults: Dutch Ch. Undeg  eyes all clear
"young girls team" Cari, Jayne and Tracey eyes all clear

When you are working with living stock it is not all glamour and good results. Sulwyn had an heavy operation to remove a milttumor of 1500 gram! Luckily she had a good recovery and I hope that she will stay with me for some years.

Dyllis had after giving wormtablets a fit, bloodresearch showed that there were a lot of things wrong. She had heavy "shifts" in her blood. later bloodresearch showed that especially the Albumin went more and more down. If somebody is recognizing these symptoms please let me know.

27 mei show  Arnhem

Cari 2 Uitmuntend Openklas
Jayne 1 uitmuntend Jongehondenklasse
Tracey 4 uitmuntend Jeugdklasse

This weekend Delwyn hopefully will be mated by Swiss Champion Hammelgardens Jolly Fellow

8 juni

just back out of Swiss, see puppies.

17 juni show in Almere

Cari 2 zeer goed Openklasse
Jayne 2 uitmuntend Jeugdklasse

Sawel started his showcarriere in Holland being Best Welshbaby. He bravely went into the honourring and ended as 4th Best bay in show. Well done little man !

The 24th of june zuske had only one, but beautiful daughter. Mother and daughter are fine (see puppies)

1 juli Show in Echt

Cari - 2 uitmuntend open klas
Jayne- 1 uitmuntend Jongehondenklas
Tracey- 2 uitmuntend Jeugdklas

4 juli Thyreoid result

Tracey- Thyroxine and TSH concentrations are within normal range

Delwyn has 9 puppys, mother and children are fine, see under puppys


The puppy of Zuske, Penwyn went to Germany. I wish her all the best for the future


Results Welsh Springer Champion Clubmatch Holland
Iagos Wind of Sawel from the North - Best Baby in Show
Jayne Our Loyal Welsh- 1 Excellent in Young Dog class
Snowy Swedish Girl - 3 Excellent in Youthclass
Cari Terwyn- 4 Excellent in Breedersclass
Sulwyn- 1 Very Good in Workingclass

26 -8-2007

show in Rotterdam
Cari 3 excellent open class
Jayne 1 excellent youngdogclass
Tracey 3 excellent youthclass


Sawel gets the certificate for the puppytraining

"Shortbreak to England"

After living so many years with welsh I was for the first time able to show in England. With me I had "young girlsteam", Tracey (Snowy Swedish Girl, 16 months), Jayne (20 months) and Cari (26 months). I would have loved to take little Sawel with me but he is too young. When I came home he looked at me "how could you".

Results at the WSSC 37th Championshipshow 1st of september with an entrie of 204 WSS The bitches were judged by Mrs.Julie Revill

Junior Bitches Tracey 5th with V.H.C.

Special Yearling Bitch Jayne 1th Price
Jayne was honoured with the Benmorbry Poachers Pocket Trophy which she may keep for a year.
I decided to leave the Trophy in England but ofcourse her name will be written down on it.

Cari was shortlisted

September 2

City of Birmingham with an entrie of 90 WSS
Judge was Mrs.Patsy Hollings
Junior Bitches Tracey 2nd Price
Graduate Bitches Jayne 2nd Price
Post Graduate Bitches Cari 3rd Price

Knowing that these 3 young girls have good hipscores, eyes all clear, good Thyreoidresults, Cari and Jayne proved themself already in the field and Tracey is starting to work nicely makes me very honoured to have bred these ladies and I am sure that the owners of the fathers of the 3 girls are feeling the same.

I would like to thank everybody who helped me out "left and right"in England where it was necessary

Show Maastricht 29-9-2007

Sawel - Best Puppymale
Jayne -1 Excellent youngdogclass CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed
Tracey - 1 Excellent youthclass, Youth CAC
This was Tracey's third Youth CAC and with that she is now Dutch Youthchampion
Cari - 1 Excellent openclass

Thanks Lidewij and Monique for showing Cari and Tracey in the "final"for best bitch


Workingtest WSSC Krimpen
Probably the first workingtest where I did not participate because of the puppys I have at home. The workingtest was won by Sven Our Loyal Welsh (Int.CH.Red and White's Baffin at Last x Nessie Our Loyal Welsh)


Show Zwolle
Iagos Wind of Sawel from the North - Best puppymale and BOB puppy
Tracey - 2 Excellent Youthclass
Jayne - 1 Excellent Youngdogclass
Cari - 1 Excellent Openclass

Results at the SEWSSC 12th Championshipshow 14th of october, Leatherhead with an entrie of 131 WSS The Bitches were judged by Mrs. J.Hopkins.

Junior Bitches Tracey 4 Res.

Special Yearling Bitch; She did it again!
Jayne 1th Price

Jayne was  honoured with the Pussy Willow Cup which she may keep for a year. Also this Trophy stays in England but her name will be written down on it.

Jayne Post Graduate Bitch 3rd Price

Novice Bitch Cari 2nd Price

Well done girls!

Show Bleiswijk 4-11-2007

Sawel Best Puppymale
Cari 1 Excellent Openclass
Jayne 2 Excellent Youngdogclass
Tracey 1 Excellent  Youngdogclass Res.CAC and Res.CACIB
because the best bitch came out of the Championclass she got the CAC

25-11-2007  Show Amsterdam Winner

Sawel 2nd best puppymale
Cari 1 Excellent Open Class
Jayne 2 Excellent Youngdogclass
Tracey 4 Excellent Youngdogclass


Sawel did today examination Obedience Beginners
He succeeded with honour!
Well done. little man


Had a very nice hunt in Danmark together with Birte Bjorn, a lot of pheasants and a chicken! Beautiful ground to work with Cari and Jayne

8 and 9-12-2007

In a "spooky" weather fieldtrails in Ambleteuse (France). Jayne and Cari worked well but were not qualified. A son of Ufo was qualified, nevertheless we had a nice time with the "Dutch equipe"but a very few qualifications this year.


Except for one al the puppys of Delwyn and Django are to their new owners now. I wish the kids who are living in Holland, Germany, Sweden and the USA all the best for the future.


A very, very special 10th birthday for Sulwyn. Early spring I thought I would loose her during an operation to remove a tumor of 1500gram. She gave the breed 34 kids. Two kids from one litter died young, the rest is still alive Grandchildren and greatgrandchildren of her went to so many different countries and doing very well in the ring and in the field.

Happy birthday Sulwyn


Kerstshow Wijchen
Sawel 3 Very Good Youthclass
Cari 1 Excellent Res.CACIB Openclass
Jayne 1 Excellent Youngdogclass
Tracey 2 Excellent Youngdogclass