Nieuws/ News 2008


Clubmatch K.C.Winterswijk

Tracey 1 Excellent youngdogclass
Sawel 1 Excellent youthclass BOB and 3 BIG


Show Eindhoven
Sawel 3 Excellent Youthclasse
Tracey 1 Excellent Youngdogclass CAC and CACIB
Just like her Finnish sister Tracey now has 3 CAC's
Cari 1 Excellent Open Class Res.CACIB
Jayne 2 Excellent Open Class

Fieldtrails France 23 and 24 february

Cari showed good working but I have seen her better.
Jayne stole my heart the second day by her working,
she flushed two times a pheasant, was steady "within the
rules" could stop her perfect on a deer (!), she only needed
to retrieve a pigeon which she did and dropped it! Was it
because I became nervous knowing that she would have a high
qualification after a good retrieve? Anyway, girls, thank you for
letting me know over and over again that the Welsh can be a
real Dual Purpose.

1-3-2008 Show Groningen

Sawel 1 Excellent, Youth CAC in the Youthclass
Jayne 1 Excellent Open Class,  CAC and CACIB
Cari 4 Very Good Open Class
Tracey 1 Excellent Youngdogclass

Crufts 7-3-2008

On the day my daughter became 33 (are we getting old?) the girls were in the showring. With 2 out of 3 being placed I feel very honoured.

Tracey - Yearling Bitch - VHC
Cari - Post Graduate Bitch - VHC
Jayne - not placed

The girls had a good time and stole many hearts around Birmingham Airport the last 3 days. Home they first had to chase every pigeon and Sawel was very pleased to see "his"girls back.

Tom Graham, serious and full concentration judging a "Dutch girl"

15-3-2008 Show Leiden

Sawel - 3 Very Good Youthclass
Cari -  3 Excellent Open Class
Jayne - 1 Excellent Res.CACIB Open Class
Tracey - 2 Excellent Youngdogclass

24-3-2008 show Leeuwarden

Sawel 2 Excellent Youthclasse
Cari 3 Excellent Openclass
Jayne 4 Excellent Openclass
Tracey 2 Excellent Youngdogclass


Eyeresult for Sawel; Eyes all clear

6-4-2008 show Goes

Sawel - 1 Excellent Youthclass, Youth CAC and Res.CAC
Tracey - 2 Excellent Youthdogclass
Jayne - 1 Excellent Openclasss Res.CAC and Res.CACIB
because the Best Bitch came out of the Championclass  Jayne got the CAC
Cari - 2 Excellent Openclass


Hipscore-result for Sawel;  A


W.E.L.K.S - Malvern
Although Sawel and Cari were not placed (Sawel really did not like the dark sunglasses of the judge!) we enjoyed the lovely weather and the beautiful area

11-5-2008 Arnhem

Sawel 4 Excellent Youthclass
Jayne 1 Excellent openclass Res.CAC and Res.CACIB, because the best bitch came out of the Championclass Jayne got the CAC and now her name is Dutch Ch.Jayne Our Loyal Welsh.

Thank you Jayne, I know your passion is in the field


Oh yes, a young Border in the ring Naughty Noek Our Loyal Welsh was for the first time in the ring and got 3 Very Good in a heavy youthclass


Jachthondenshow Bennekom
Sawel 3 Excellent Youthclass
Jayne 2 Excellent Openclass
Cari 3 Excellent Openclass
Tracey 1 Excellent Breedersclass Res.CAC, because the best bitch came out of the
Champonclass she got the CAC, number four but she is to young to be a Dutch Champion

A warm congratulations to the sister of Tracey in Finland, she won the day before in Helsinki
and she may now call herself Finnish Champion


Southern Counties Canine Association at the Newbury Showground
Sawel and Tracey were with me. Sawel was not placed and Tracey was third in Limit.

The next day we went to Oxford to see the old University and Blenheim Castle, very impressive


New Thyreoidresult- Dutch.Ch. Undeg Our Loyal Welsh - Thyroxine concentration is within normal range


Because of circumstances we missed the trip to Kelso, Scotland.
Well, we enjoyed the Dutch footballteam! Planning for Sweden,as it looks now, one of the girls, Cari, will stay in the Netherlands

29-6-2008 Uden

Sawel 3 Excellent Youthclass
Tracey 2 Excellent Openclass


4-7-2008 WSSC Championclubmatch
Sawel Excellent Youthclass
Tracey Excellent Openclass
Jayne Excellent Openclass

Tracey was showed in Sweden by Linda, a Dutch Juniorhandler

5-7-2008 Spaniel& Retriever Sp. 2008
Sawel Excellent Youthclass
Tracey 4 Excellent Openclass
Jayne Excellent

6-7-2008 Worlddogwinnershow

Sawel Very Good Youthclass
Jayne Excellent Openclass
Tracey Very Good

Spent the week together with friends in a lovely place above Stockholm.
Took the opportunity to see the old centre of Stockholm and enjoyed the sun in Kings Garden

2-6-2000    Dutch Ch.Undeg Our Loyal Welsh  31-7-2008

It is with the greatest sadness that I have to announce the quite sudden death of Dutch Ch. Undeg Our Loyal Welsh. Bloodtests showed already that she was loosing blood somewhere in the body. X-raying her chest showed cancer in her lungs in a very aggressive form. The last days breathing became more and more difficult and it left me no other choice than to let her go. It is very confusing knowing her mother and brother are so full alive, young life and death are running through eachother at the moment. Undeg, her name means fair one and that is what she was in every way.

Sweet girl, you are forever in my heart
Bye Bambi


WSSC Championclubmatch almere
Sawel-very good youthclass
Tracey-2 Excellent breedersclass
Jayne-2 Excellent Championclass

31-8-2008 Rotterdam

Sawel - 2 Excellent Youthclass
Jayne - 2 Excellent Championclass
Tracey - 1 Excellent Openclass, Res.CAC and Res.CACIB

Because Tracey had already 4 CAC's and now has the age, her name is now Dutch.Ch. Snowy
Swedish Girl Our Loyal Welsh NJK 2007.

(I promised you Undeg that I will cherish her and I will)

And my warmest congratulations to the Finnish sister of Tracey who won on the Goldcup saturday in Danmark and is now also DUCH and with that Int.Ch!


Richmond Champion Dog Show
judge Anne Walton

Sawel - Second Price Junior Dog
Tracey - Reserve Open Class

We spare you the details of the mud and the rain.
We visited Birdworld and Underwater World in Farnham when it was dry for a couple of hours.
Amazing the collection of birds they have there

14-9-2008  Zwolle

Tracey 2 Excellent Openclass
Jayne 2 Excellent Championclass

The Border Terriers

Naughty Noek 1 Very Good Youngdogclass
Ocean Breeze (Daantje) 2 Very Good

Daantje is the 6th generation in line from our first Border Terrier Miss Merel of the Half House

28-9-2008 Maastricht

Tracey 2 U Open Klas
Jayne 2 U Kampioensklasse

12-10-2008 South Eastern WSSC - Swanley
Judge  Mrs.H.Leary

Cari - VHC in Postgraduate, with puppys of 11 weeks she really enjoyed the trip Jayne - not placed in Open Class, she made it clear that 2 1/2 year showing and awarded in different countries is more than enough, Okay Jayne, hunting for you!
She will be mated soon with Julita Ranger (Dylan), he was there too so we made some pictures.

Dylan really likes his "Dutch"lady

Saturday I visited with my son Dylan Upnor castle, ofcourse we had to seethat one! interesting.


Had a wonderfull huntingday with Cari and Jayne, both girls worked hard and good. Cari was not allowed by me to hunt so long so short after her litter, something she did nog agree with! Jayne went under even the heaviest brambles, saw a beautiful duckretrieve from her.

Little Arizona Rhun (12 weeks) is relaxed "checking"every duck and pheasant

25-10 Utrecht

Cari 1 Excellent open class
Tracey 2 Excellent open class

Cari had a very fast recovering after her litter from Am.Ch.Royailes a Cut Above. All nine "deepfreeze" kids are doing fine. Nora, the owner of Goofy (the father) and I are very pleased with this combination.

And Cari, she is amazing, showing and hunting again and she is still a supermum!

30 november Winner Amsterdam

Sawel 2 Excellent Youngdogclass
Cari 1 Excellent Openclass
Tracey 2 Excellent Championclass


Fieldtrails in Calais, France
As always the "Dutch Equipe"was going to the fieldtrails from the French Spanielclub. Jayne had a good run, she worked almost 30 minutes ! very hard and than she made a good point on a pheasant, was reasonable steady, the shooter missed and while the discussion was to do a cold retrieve Jayne went of hunting without permission. Cari worked very hard and good, did not even need the whistle, only with signs from my hands, than she flushed a pheasant who was shot but still alive, Cari found it at the side of a little ditch hidden, took it and brought it in a poor way. The judge wanted to see a better retrieve from her. She went to the pheasant, looked at me and said "are you crazy, I just brought that one!" Sawel was for the first time in a fieldtrail. The first day he had a good run. at the end of the run he was allowed to retrieve a pheasant in which he failed. Yesterday he brought at a hunt his first hare to Jos, who is handling him in the field. Well done little man!

22-12-2008 last show this year Wijchen

Sawel - 1 Excellent Youngdogclass, Best Male CAC and CACIB
Cari - 2 Excellent Openclass
Tracey - 2 Excellent Championclass

There were this year 3 new Showchampions in Holland
Gayfeathers Wishfull Thinking (Whiskey, son of Ufo)
Jayne Our Loyal Welsh
Snowy Swedish Girl Our Loyal Welsh (Tracey)

At the end of the year a nice picture of the Best Males of Wijchen On the left, Whiskey, son of Ufo and Welsh Springer of the year! On the right, Sawel, the Swedish grandson of Ufo.

Beside of that Ufo had this year 3 sons qualified in the fieldtrails!

I wish everybody Happy Christmas and a good 2009.