Nieuws/ News 2009


Mairwen, the oldest Border in the house and favourite of my daughter Anne died this evening calm and peacefull in my arms.

Dear Mairwen, thank you for Tricker and give a kiss to your mother andgrandmother from me.



Arizona Rhiannon (Rientje) is developing nicely. She is now 5 months and yes, she shows interesting in the huntingpart, so sofar I am very pleased.


Clubmatch KC Winterswijk
Arizona Raven 1 Very Promising in Babyclass, best Baby
Arizona Rhun 2 Very Promising in Babyclass
Arizona Rhiannon (Rientje) 1 Very Promising Babyclass
Cari 1 Excellent Breedersclass, BOB and 2 BIG
Naughty Noek (Border) 1 Very Good in Breedersclass


Manchester Dog Show Society
Cari - Postgraduate not placed
Tracey - Openclass Third Price

We were already on friday in the UK, saturday we enjoyed the Wedgwood Visitorcentre, Museum and the factoryshop and yes we brought something with us, later on the day we visited Shire Hall and the centre of Stafford.


New thyreoidresult - Sawel - Thyroxine concentration is within normal range

06-02-2009 Show Eindhoven

Sawel - 3 Very Good Youngdogclass
Cari - 4 Very Good Openclass
Tracey - 2 Excellent Championclass


Just back from the UK with Jayne and Tracey. Hopefully we get puppies from Jayne and Dylan (Julita Ranger) around the 14th of april. We espected snow in England but we got "flood", not funny but we succeeded to learn "to swim"with the car. Beside our visits to Julie, Angie and Dylan we had a lovely time shopping in Colchester and Maldon and furtheron we just cross our fingers now.

28-2-2009 Groningen

Arizona Raven - Puppyclass 1 Very Promising
Arizona Rhiannon - Puppyclass 1 Very Promising Best Puppy and 3th Best Puppy in Show! What a debute for the little lady.
Sawel - Youngdogclass 1 Excellent
Cari - Openclass - 1 Excellent
Tracey - Championclass 3 Excellent

7-3-2009 Crufts

We were already in the UK the 5th and spent a nice day in Stoke -On - Trent. The 6th we went to Birmingham.

Sawel - Third Prize Yearlingclass.

Well done, "little"big man, you did well!
Tracey - Openclass - not placed but she had a lot of fun!

14-03-2009 Leiden

Arizona Raven - 1VP Best Puppymale
Arizona Rhiannon - 1VP Best Puppybitch and Best Puppy
Sawel - 1 Excellent Openclass, CAC and CACIB, BOB
Cari - 1 Excellent Openclass, Res.CAC and CACIB
Tracey - 1 Excellent Championclass

Leeuwarden 13-04-2009

Arizona Raven 1 Very Promising, Best Puppy and Best Puppy in Show!

Arizona Rhiannon 1 Very Promising Best Puppy Bitch

Sawel 1 Excellent Openclass Best Male, CAC, CACIB
Cari 2 Excellent Openclass
Tracey 2 Excellent Championclass


Yesterdayevening Jayne gave birth to 4 sons and 4 daughters. Look under puppys.

Goes 25-4-2009

Arizona Raven Youthclass 1 Excellent Youth CAC
Arizona Rhiannon Youthclass 3 Very Good
Sawel Openclass 1 Excellent
Cari Openclass 1 Excellent
Tracey Championclass 3 Excellent


Today Ufo had a small operation to remove a cyste in his neck and on his frontbreast, he is doing fine.
The puppys from Ranger x Jayne are all 8 doing great. They are growing fast now and starting to make "their world" bigger.

Alkmaar 10-05-2009

Arizona Raven 1 Very Good Youthclass
Sawel 1 Excellent Openclass, Best male, CAC, BOB and BIG!
He has enough CAC's to be a Dutch Ch. but he has to wait untill he is 27 months.

Cari 1 Excellent Openclass, Res.CAC, because the Best Bitch came out of the Ch.class she got the CAC
Arizona Rhiannon 3 Excellent Youthclass
Tracey, 2 Excellent Ch.class

Arnhem 31-5-2009

Sawel Openclass 1 Excellent Res.CAC, because the Best Male came out of the Championclass he got the CAC. He has now 5 1/2 CAC but has to wait another 6 weeks before he can claim his title.
Arizona Raven 2 Excellent Youthclass
Cari 1 Excellent Openclass
Arizona Rhiannon 4 Very Good
Tracey 1 Excellent Championclass

13-6-2009 Show Oss

Sawel Openclass 2 Excellent Res.CAC and Res.CACIB
Only one day after he reached the required age of 27 months to get The Dutch Championtitle he did!
Although totally different than my Dalsti Sawel you wear his name with honour.
Well done, little big man!
Raven 1 Excellent Youthclass Youth CAC
Cari Excellent Openclass
Rhiannon 3 Very Good
Tracey 1 Excellent Championclass


Today the last puppy of Jayne x Ranger (Dylan) went away. I wish all the new owners good luck and hope to see some back in the field, working. The puppytest made me and the Spanielgroep Oost absolutely silence.


It is a big one!

But I can manage

This morning there was a trafficvictime, still warm and Silke did what her mother did at that age, swimming, retrieving, you do understand that this daughter from Ranger x Jayne already stole my heart,she is 12 weeks old!

5-7-2009 Show Echt

Sawel 2 Excellent Openclass, Res.CAC, Res.CACIB
Arizona Raven 1 Excellent Youthclass, Youth CAC, his third so he now is Dutch Junior Champion.

Cari 3 Excellent Openclass
Arizona Rhiannon 3 Excellent youthclass
Tracey 1 Excellent Championclass, CAC and CACIB

11-07-2009 East of England Agricultural Society (Peterborough)

Arizona Raven - not placed
Arizona Rhiannon (Rientje) in puppy VHC and in Junior VHC

Spent the weekend with dear old friends. pictures in photoalbum.

Week "off" with Raven, Rientje (Rhiannon) and Sawel to the UK

we had a nice B&B closeby the Three Counties Showground (Malvern), went a day to Worcester where we shopped, visited Worcester Cathedral which was very impressive. After that the dogs could run around at the Race Coursing while we could sit in the sun.

1-8-2009 National Gundog Association

Arizona Raven 2nd in Junior Dog
Sawel not placed in Open Dog
Arizona Rhiannon not placed in Junior Bitch

the 2nd and 3rd of august we went through the Malvern Hills, had a riverwalk at Ross- on-Wye, went into Wales, visited Raglan Castle and Abergavenny. Went down, spent some hours at the beach of Berrow and got on to Exeter.

4-8-2009 Paignton

Arizona Raven 3rd in Junior Dog
Sawel Reserve in Open Class
Arizona Rhiannon VHC in Junior Bitch

Well done, all three!


Dutch Ch. Snowy Swedish girl (Tracey) has been mated today by Eastfarm's Jackpot.


Arizona Raven A
Arizona Rhiannon B

23-8-2009 Kampioensclubmatch WSSC

Silke 2 very promising Babyclass
Arizona Raven  1 Excellent Youthclass
Arizona Rhun  3 Excellent Breedersclass
Sawel 2 Excellent Championclass

Cari 1 Excellent Openclass,  Best Bitch, CAC
Arizona Rhiannon 2 Excellent youtclass
Snowy Swedish Girl (Tracey) 2 Excellent Breedersclass
Jayne 2 Excellent Championclass

Well done, all 8!
Thank you Julie and Lidewij for helping showing this "this wonderfull team of Welsh" and Anja for "managing"and keeping me calm

More HD-results

Arizona Rhosyn A
Arizona Rhun C


Ufo has been to the vet, there is something growing in his lower jaw. Report of the blood research showed an enormous number of eosinofiele cells. For the moment he is getting a heavy Prednison cure to stop it growing.

I trust that after this cure he will stay with me for the next coming years.


Sawel became father from 2 sons and 4 daughters by Sara van de Ollandse Hoeve

30-08-09 Show Rotterdam

Arizona Raven 2 Excellent Youthclass
Arizona Rhun 1 Excellent Youthclass Youth CAC
Sawel 2 Excellent Championclass
Arizona Rhiannon 1 Excellent Youthclass Youth CAC


Tracey (Dutch Ch. Snowy Swedish Girl) is very, very pregnant!


Arizona Raven eyes all clear incl. gonio
Arizona Rhun eyes all clear incl. gonio
Arizona Rhiannon eyes all clear
Arizona Rhosyn eyes all clear


Sawel became father today in the USA from 2 sons and 5 daughters.
The combination was done through frozen sperm.

Maastricht 25-09-2009

Sawel 1 Excellent Championclass, CAC, CACIB
Arizona Raven 2 Excellent Youthclass
Arizona Rhun 1 Excellent Youthclass Youth CAC
Arizona Rhiannon 3 Vey Good Youthclass
Cari 2 Excellent Openclass Res.CAC, Res.CACIB and with that she is now Dutch Champion.
It is a "known secret" that Cari is one of my favourites, with her character, huntingcapabilities,
showcapabilities and her offspring, yes, she is a Champion, well done, girl!

Zwolle 4-10-2009

Arizona Raven 3 Very Good in Youthclass
Arizona Rhun 1 Excellent Youthclass, Youth CAC, his third so he is now Dutch Youth Champion, just like his brother
Sawel 1 Excellent, Res.CAC and Res.CACIB

Cari 2 Excellent Openclass
Arizona Rhiannon 4 Very Good


The puppys from Eastfarm Jackpot and Dutch Ch.Snowy Swedish Girl arrived.
5 sons and 5 daughters were born the 14th of october, Tracey is doing great.

co-owner/gastgezin gezocht voor jonge reu van bijna 1 1/2 jaar met een goed karakter. Liefst in de omgeving van Aalten.


A " mountain"of puppys! All 10 are doing fine and Tracey is doing a great job.

7-11-2009 Show Bleiswijk

Arizona Raven 2 Excellent Youthclass
Arizona Rhun 1 Very Good Youngdogclass
Sawel 2 Excellent Championclass
Cari 2 Excellent Openclass
Arizona Rhiannon 1 Excellent Youthclass Youth CAC


Silke got the Puppycertificat Obedience


A nice picture of Sawel in the field, in the show he cannot be reached by other males and with 2 shows still to go he is already Best Welsh Springer Male of 2009



Cari has been mated by Eastfarm's Jackpot and hopefully she gets puppy's around 22-1-2010

Winner Amsterdam 29-11-2009

Silke 1 Very Promising puppy, Best Puppy
Arizona Raven 3 Excellent Youthclass
Arizona rhun 1 Excelleng Youngdogclass
Sawel 1 Excellent Championclass, CAC, CACIB and Winner
Arizona Rhiannon Excellent Youthclass
Cari 2 Excellent Openclass


Sawel became father today of 7 sons and 3 daughters bij Fusken v't Damveld


Sawel became father of 5 daughters and 2 sons by Annabel Gwenith


Most of the puppys from Tracey are with their new owners already. 7 of the 10 will live in other countries. Tomorrownight we will fly to the USA with 2 of them, they are going to live in Arazona and Colorado.

Thank you Tracey and James for such a lovely litter.

I welcome already on Dutch ground the American daughter from Sawel and Am.Ch.Royailes Pumpkin Pie who will fly back with us to the Netherlands.

Arizona see photoalbum

19-12-2009 Wijchen

Arizona Raven Youthclass 1 Excellent Youth CAC
Arizona Rhun Youngdogclass 1 Excellent Res.CAC and Res.CACIB
Cari Openclass 1 Excellent
Sawel Championclass 1 Excellent

This was the last show of 2009 and Sawel became Best Male and Best Welsh Springer of the year in the Netherlands

"You maybe Welsh Springer Spaniel of the year nevertheless you can listen"

Photo was made by Hugo Schenk on the Christmasshow in Wijchen.

I wish everybody a happy Christmas and a good 2010.