Nieuws/ News 2010



My year started with a lot of Welsh around me in Wales where I was judging the Open Clubmatch of the WSSC of South Wales.


Around Christmas we made the first picture from the "little American"with her Dutch father Sh.Ch.Iagos Wind of Sawel from the North.


Clubmatch KC.Winterswijk
Silke Our Loyal Welsh - 1 Very Promising Best Puppy
Royailes Tulip - 1 Very Promising Babyclass 3rd Best Baby in Show. She did well on her first "performance" and went bravely through the ring.


Naughty Noek (Border Terrier) had a date with Rhozzum Emil


Unespected died this evening calm in her sleep Tricker. Tricker was the big favourite and "agilitylady"from my eldest daughter Daphne. We burried her beside her mother who died last year.


Raven has been operated because of a very hard unfortunate sliding in the snow. It turned out that he had ruptures in his liver and milt. He is slowly recovering but it is still to soon to say something about it. It is still critic. We all here cross our fingers.


Cari gave birth to 2 sons and 5 daughters, see under puppys


New eyeresult for Sawel - Everything clear incl. Gonio


It is with great unbelief that I have to announce the death of Arizona Raven who died this morning because of Sepsis. After some days that we really believed that he would recover from his injuries he died this morning at 8.45..

I have no words to describe this great young dog.

Raven, we terribly miss you


Raven, forever in my heart

Photo;Linda Schenk

Some reactions;
What a pity and such a loss to the world of Welshies, he was a lovely and loving dog as we could all see (UK)

All the planning, hopes and dreams that revolved around the dog now gone (USA)

I liked Raven very much and will hold him in very good memory to always (Germany)

I'm so sorry about Raven (Sweden)

I know in your heart he will always be in your heart and sweet memories (USA)

A lot of strength to you with this incredible unespected loss from this "little American"who was so close to your heart (Holland)

I would like to thank everybody for the warm e-mails I reserved from every corner of the world by the death of Raven. As young as he was, he was for most of you famous because of his "good lookings". Here in the house he was a great familydog who is deeply missed by everyone.


Sawel wins the Group in "The Dog of the Year Show"!

For this show the Groupswinners as well as the numbers 2 and 3 of all Dutch CAC and CACIB-shows of 2009 are invited. It is a great honour and for the first time that a Welsh Springer Spaniel wins the group. Well done Linda and Sawel!

7-03-2010  Groningen

Silke 4 Very Good Youthclass
Rhiannon 1 Excellent Youngdogclass

14-03-2010 Crufts

We had Sawel and Tracey (Snowy Swedish Girl) with us. Tracey just for fun, she loves to go to Birmingham and knows every corner around Birmingham Airport.
She is making a good recovery after her litter.

foto Sandra van Vreeswijk
Sawel -3rd Prize Openclass

He did well although he had this week "appointments"with a Dutch, Danish and Tsjechic lady and than straight to Birmingham for Crufts! Well done, Sawel

foto Sandra van Vreeswijk

Tracey not placed in Openclass


Border Terrier Noek gave birth to a son and a daughter see under puppys

21-3-2010 Leiden

Silke 2 Excellent in Youthclass
Rhiannon 4 Excellent in Youngdogclass
Cari 2 Excellent in Open Class


Sawel became father of 2 sons and 3 daughters by Fen Bjirkhiemings Puk


The last puppy of Cari went to his new home. I wish them all the best for the future.

05-04-2010 Leeuwarden

Silke 2 Excellent Youthclass
Rhiannon 1 Excellent Res.CAC, Res.CACIB in Youngdogclass
Cari 2 Very Good in Openclass


Sawel became father of 5 sons and 3 daughters by Lois van Berkenstein


A big hug from Sawel and me to the 4 puppykids in the USA who started their "showcarriere" so high placed at the WSSCA National Speciality!


Eyeresult for Silke - Eyes all clear incl. Gonio

18-04-2010 Goes

Cari 1 Very Good Openclass
Silke 3 Very Good Youthclass
Rientje 2 Excellent Intermediate Class


Sawel became father of 4 sons and 5 daughters by Rona van de Ollandse Hoeve


HD-result for Silke A


The 10th of may Sawel became father in the Netherlands from one daughter by Ira van de Ollandse Hoeve and in Danmark from 3 sons and 4 daughters by Eastfarm Kimberly. Than we go more to the east, the 14th of may he became father in TsjechiŽ of 2 daughters by Claudia od Mracske Tvrze.


The 2 Borderpuppys are to their new homes and Noek is back to Ria where she is normally living

23-05-2010 Arnhem

Silke Very Good Youthclass
Arizona Rhosyn  4 Excellent Intermediate Class
Cari 1 Excellent Openclass


Sawel became father from 1 son and 4 daughters by Fen Bjirkhieming's Springbeauty

30-05-2010 Huntingdoggroupshow Bennekom

Royailes Tulip - Tulip started her "official"showcarriere in the Netherlands being Best Puppybitch

Tulip on the move

Sawel - CAC, Best Male and BOB
Rientje- Intermediate Class Very Good
Cari- Open Class 2 Excellent

4-6-2010 southern Counties Canine Association (Newbury)

Sawel Open Dog - not placed
Arizona Rhiannon Graduate Bitches - 3rd Prize

Had my daughter Anne with me. We enjoyed some lovely walks in Speen, visited Donnington Castle and Windsor Castle.


Dutch Ch. Jayne Our Loyal Welsh had a mating with Arizona Rhun Our Loyal Welsh NJK . Hopefully we can welcome their puppys around the 9th of august.

"On tour"to Sweden and Danmark with Sawel, Rientje and Tulip

On the way to Sweden I visited Birte in Danmark to see the puppys from Sawel.
In Sweden I stayed with friends. The dogs and I had a wonderfull time there.
Ofcourse the "highlight"was for me the second day where Sawel got the CAC, CACIB, Best Male, BOB and with that became Swedish Champion! Rientje got that day the CAC and Tulip was Best Puppybitch and Best Puppy. Than over by boat to Danmark where I stayed close to the beach in Hvide Sand in a little house. Beautiful area. On the Spaniel Speciality Sawel claimed his Danish showtitle. Ofcourse I am very proud of him but also on the 2 girls who had in both countries good achievements. Tulip, as young as she is, did well on the whole trip including on the shows. Rientje did very well, she is almost 2 now and developing into a wonderfull welsh. Pictures are made by Carina Arvidsson.

Triple Show Jonkoping

Tulip 2 puppyclass
Sawel 2 Openclass
Rientje Intermediateclass 1, 4th Best Bitch

Tulip 1 Puppyclass Best Puppy
Sawel 1 Openclass, Best Male, BOB, CAC, CACIB and Swedish Champion
Rientje Intermediateclass 1, 2nd Best Bitch, CAC, Res.CACIB



Tulip 1 Puppyclass Best Puppy
Sawel 2 Championclass, 4th Best Male
Rientje 1 Intermediate, 2nd Best Bitch, CACIB

Worlddogshow Herning
Tulip Juniorclass Very Good
Sawel 2 Excellent Championclass
Rientje 2 Excellent Intermediate

Spanielspeciality Stoholm
Tulip Juniorclass 3 Excellent
Sawel Openclass 1, 2nd Best Male, CAC, Danish Showchampion
Rientje Intermediate 3 Excellent



Still tired from the trip and untrained Tulip succeeded to get the A-diploma Obedience (beginners) with honour!


Ultrasound showed that Jayne is pregnant

Planned litters for later in the year;
Dutch Ch., DK(U)CH,SE U(u)CH. Iagos Wind of Sawel From the North W'09 x Dutch CH Snowy Swedish Girl Our Loyal Welsh NJK and probably at the end of the year Arizona Rhiannon x ?


3 sons and 3 daughters for Dutch Ch.Jayne Our Loyal Welsh x Arizona Rhun Our Loyal Welsh NJK, Jayne and kids are fine.


Championclubmatch WSSC
Sawel - 1 Excellent Championclass, Reserve Best Male, Res.CAC
Arizona Rhun - 2 Excellent Breederclass

Rhun was shown by Lidewij Harmsen

Arizona Rhiannon - 1 Excellent Open Class
Arizona Rhosyn - Very Good
Royailes Tulip - 3 Excellent Youthclass
Touch - Very Good
Cari - 2 Excellent Breedersclass


Puppys of Jayne and Rhun are doing great


Workingtest for Spaniels organised by Spaniel Groep Oost in Laren (Gld)
Best Welsh in the field was Sawel! Well done.

Trip to Austria

Bundessieger Tulln 25-09-2010

Sawel 1 Excellent in Championclass,CACA, CACIB, BOB, Bundessieger 2010.
            With the CACIB in Austria he became International Beauty Champion
Tulip 2 Very Good in Youthclass
Rhiannon (Rientje) 1 Excellent Openclass, CACA, Res.CACIB

Klubsiegerschau ÷sterreichischen Jagdspanielklub 26-09-2010

Sawel 1 Excellent in Championclass, CACA, Klubsieger, BOB
Tulip 1 Excellent in Youthclass, Klubjugendsieger
Rhiannon 1 Excellent Openclass, CACA

Zwolle 10-10-2010

Cari 4 Very Good openclass
Touch 2 Very Good Youthclass

Lausanne Exposition Canine Internationale (Switzerland)

From the 15th until the 18th of october we enjoyed a staying at the Lake of Geneve in a wonderfull motel with sight on the water.

16-10-2010 judge M.D.Wong (AU)

Sawel Championclass - 1 Excellent CAC, CACIB, Best Male and Best of Breed
Rientje Openclass - 1 Excellent, CAC, CACIB, Best Bitch
Tulip Youthclass - 1 Excellent, Youth CAC, Jugendsieger

17-10-2010 judge M.J.Thirlwell (UK)

Sawel Championclass - 1 Excellent, CAC, CACIB, Best Male
Rientje Openclass - 1 Excellent, CAC, CACIB, Best Bitch and Best of Breed
Tulip Youthclass - 1 Excellent, Youth CAC, Jugendsieger


The puppys from Jayne and Rhun are divided over Holland, Belgium, Germany and the USA. I wish them all the best for the future. Thank you Jayne and Rhun for this wonderfull litter which I enjoyed very much.

Utrecht 23-10-2010, judge T.Wilbers-Kamps

Tulip - juniorclass 3 Very Good
Cari - Openclass 3 Excellent


Stafford (UK) Midland Counties Canines Society, judge Anne Walton
Rientje (Arizona Rhiannon), Postgraduate Bitches 2nd
Tulip, Junior Bitches Res.
Cari, Openclass not placed

The next day to Stoke-On-Trent, a place we like very much, after that we wanted to visit Alton Towers, but somehow we ended up in very, very narrow typical  English roads.

After this trip I am going to stay home until Christmas to do other things.


HD-Result for Tulip B


In the cold outside Touch succeeded today to get the A-diplom for Obedience.
Well done girl !


Happy birthday Sulwyn! Sulwyn became 13 today, hope she will stay a little longer with us. More pictures made today you can find in fotoalbum/photos.