Nieuws/ News 2011


New eyeresults; 
Cari, eyes all clear
Tulip, eyes all clear incl. gonio
Touch, eyes all clear, gonio undetermined


Clubmatch KC Winterswijk

Rientje 1 Excellent Breedersclass, BOB and 2nd Best in Group
Vlegel (Rhozzum Elli x Naughty Noek Our Loyal Welsh, Border Terrier)
1 Excellent Juniorclass, BOB and 5th Best in Group


HD-result for Touch is A


Arizona Rhiannon (Rientje) is in season and will soon be mated


Arizona Rhiannon has been mated today by My Welsh I Can Do It.
We expect their puppys around the 17th of april.


Going to be a busy spring here, Dutch Ch. Snowy Swedish Girl, NJK, has been mated today with Dutch.Ch., Int. Show Ch. Iagos Wind of Sawel from the North,W'2009, SE(U)CH, DK(U)CH, Bundessieger'10 (AU), Klubsieger'10 (AU). Hopefully we get puppys from them the end of april.

9-3-2011 Crufts

We arrived the 8th in the UK and stayed as usual in a hotel at Birmingham Airport. On the show Sawel and Rientje were not placed, luckily Mastermind kept the "Dutch flag"high being awarded 2nd in Special Junior. The next day we spent sightseeing in the neighbourhood. We had a wonderful time at Middletownhall with a very old Tudorhouse and a nice place where the dogs could run. After that we found a very peaceful and beautiful place at a very old church at Breedon on the hill.


Ultrasound showed that Rientje is pregnant.


Show Leiden
Tulip 3 Very Good Juniorclass
Although Rientje is in the catalogue ultrasound showed that she is going to have a big litter as it looks now, we keep her home for I don't take any risk with the coming litter.


Why do they all become in season around the same time?
Naughty Noek (Border Terrier) has been mated by Rhozzum Emil. Cross my fingers for a nice puppybitch. We hopefully get puppies from them around 22-5-2011.


Congratulations to Nora and Gerald by making up American Champion Tommy Our Loyal Welsh. A big hug from his mother Tracey who is especting her second litter in the start of may.

First we are waiting for Rientje,her puppys will come in 14 days, perhaps earlier, she is so heavy.

Was yesterday at the coast with great area to work Spaniels. Had Jayne and her 2 daughters, Silke and Wingi with me, it was wonderfull to see that both daughters (from different fathers), show so much huntingcapabilities, feels good.


Born last night 5 sons and 3 daughters for Arizona Rhiannon Our Loyal Welsh x My Welsh I Can Do It, Rientje and kids are fine.


Photo: Susan Willingham

Wynn, daughter from Jayne and Rhun took the first place in Puppybitches between 6 and 9 months the 16th of april on the WSSCA National Specialityin the USA. Well done!


6 sons and 6 daughters! for  Dutch.Ch, Int.Showch Iagos Wind of Sawel from the North. W'2009, SE(U)CH, DK(U)CH, Bundessieger'10 (AU). Klubsieger '10 (AU) and dutch Ch. Snowy Swedish Girl Our Loyal Welsh, NJK


The litter from Tracey is still doing fine.It is the fourth time in history of the Welshbreeding in the Netherlands that a litter of 12 was born alive.The last one was in 1976. Although I don't like to have 2 litters at the same time, I am very happy with it now, Rientje is now standing by if necessary


The puppys from Tracey are now 7 days and all 12 are doing fine. It is a heavy and dangerous job for Tracey but she is okay. Rientje looked around the corner with a face saying "Don't you think this is overdone 12!" and went quickly back to her own puppys.They are tomorrow 3 weeks and have been very shortly outside today.


Probably one of the last pictures I can "catch"them all 12. They are all 12 doing fine.

And so is Tracey, tired but very good. I am for the moment "blessed"with 2 beautiful litters. The litter from rientje is very easy sofar and they already have a whole program, everyday going shortly outside, eating, sleeping, playing, it is a nice and handsome litter.
From the litter from Rientje and Loke are still 2 males available, from the litter of Tracey and Sawel 3 males and one puppybitch.

Not showing myself for the moment I do enjoy especially the young offspring from Sawel who is doing very well in the USA, France and Danmark, wow!


Today the news came through out of the USA that the father of my half-Americans, Am.Ch.Royailes A Cut Above died yesterday in the age of 13 years and 4 months "an era has passed"as Nora and Gerald said.

"Goofy, you were a big onethank you for knowing you".


The "babyboom" is now complete. Naughty Noek gave birth this evening to 4 sons and 1 daughter. Noek and the 5 are doing fine.Father is Rhozzum Emil.


Ufo became today 11 years, happy birthday Ufo!


I have put some pictures in the photoalbum from the "babyboom"


The litter from Arizona Rhiannon (Rientje) and Loke is almost gone now. The last one will fly next week to the USA, the litter is divided over Holland, Swiss and the USA. The boy on the picture, Xanthos Our Loyal Welsh (Pipo) will stay with me.


A big part of the litter from Tracey and Sawel are leaving this weekend.
There still are available 3 puppymales


Wingi (daughter from Jayne and Arizona Rhun) succeeded to get the A-diplom for obedience.
Well done, girl!


2 puppymales from Tracey and Sawel are looking for a "new home"


Congratulations to Ann and Red and White's Quatif of Sawel, son of Sawel and Kimberley with the Youthworldtitle in Paris.


Congratulations to Deb & Joe Wood with American Champion Royailes Sweet Surrender, daughter from Sawel and Pumpkin.


Sawel became father of 6 sons and 3 daughters, mother is Rona van de Ollandse hoeve.


Er zijn nog 2 puppyreutjes die een baasje zoeken en ik ben op zoek naar een goed tehuis voor een bijna 2 jarig "dametje". Voor informatie hierover kunt u bij mij terecht.

21-8-2011 Championclubmatch WSSC

Xanthos Our Loyal Welsh (Pipo), Best Baby in Show

He had never seen a showring and was lovely shown by Linda.
I hope that he can fill up the hole in my heart that Raven left after his tragic dead.

His mother Arizona Rhiannon was 2 Excellent in Openclass
Royailes Tulip Intermediair class 2 Excellent
Wingi Very Good in Youthclass
Cari Terwyn 4 Excellent in Breedersclass
Sawel 3 Excellent in Championclass
Arizona Rhun 2 Excellent in Breedersclass


HD-result for Wingi is A


Nog steeds beschikbaar, puppyreutje van 4 maanden, heeft de eerste puppytraining gehad, is volledig ingeent maar het wordt tijd dat hij een baasje krijgt

Xanthos Our Loyal Welsh (Pipo) became Best Baby in Show on the Championclubmath in the Netherlands, his sister Xenta Our Loal Welsh became yesterday Best Puppy in Show on the Championclubmatch in Swiss!


show Maastricht
Wingi Youthclass- 4 Excellent
Cari Openclass- 3 Excellent


show Zwolle
Xanthos Babyclass- 1 Very Promising, Best Babymale and Best Baby in Breed
Wingi Youthclass- Excellent
Rhiannon Openclass- 4 Excellent

SEWSSC Championclubmatch UK 16-10-2011

We arrived in the UK the 15th and started because of the lovely weather with a walk at St.Marys Bay.
It was for Wingi the first "big"trip and she loved it.

Wingi Junior Class- Second Prize
Rhiannon Post Graduate- First Prize


Congratulations to Kit with American Champion Wynn Our Loyal Welsh. Wynn is a daughter from Rhun and Jayne. Picture will follow.


The litter from Arizona Rhosyn and My Welsh I Can Do It has been divided over Holland, Danmark, Sweden and the USA. Ayla, a puppybitch will stay with me and the last 2 will fly to their destination in the next coming weeks.


Show Bleiswijk
Xanthos - Puppyclass, 1 VB Best Puppy
Wingi - Youthclass, 4 Excellent
Arizona Rhiannon - Openclass, 3 Excellent


Brussel, FCI Centenary World Champion of Champions
The very prestigeous show from the FCI, only allowed for the CAC winners this year by the FCI-shows, Brussel 2010, Dortmund 2011, Eurodogshow 2011, worlddogshow Paris 2011 and the Int. Champions. Dogs enter the ring, one after the other, regardless the breed, in order to be evaluated by 2 judges. In group 8 there were 68 dogs of which 5 were selected for the next round. Our breed was presented by Sawel and Noor. It was a very special event.


Pipo and Zottie (Border) both got the puppycertificate from the puppytraining


Winner Amsterdam

Xanthos - Puppyclass, 1 Very Promising, Best Puppy

Wingi - Youthclass, 1 Excellent, Juniorwinner and Youth CAC

Arizona Rhiannon, Openclass 2 Excellent

Wingi's way of celebrating her first official title


Show Wijchen
Wingi - 3 Excellent Youthclass
Cari - 3 Very Good Open Class



Sulwyn is now 14 years old. She is still doing fine for her age, I know it can be different tomorrow. There has been made pictures from here, the moment I have them them I will put one on the website.

I hope we can have another year Sulwyn, congratulations!


Sulwyn, 14 years young!

Jayne coming out of the cover.

These are 2 of the pictures made by Ria van Middelaar at a photoshoot for the dogmagazine Hondenmanieren.

I wish everybody a happy 2012