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Congratulations to Sue, Richard, Nora and Gerald with Am.Ch. Royailes Willem of Windsor


3 sons and 5 daughters for Arizona Rhiannon (Rientje) and Rocbee Woodstock


HD result for Yzra Our Loyal Welsh is A


3 sons and 4 daughters for Silke Our Loyal Welsh x Xanthos Our Loyal Welsh

You might say "a new year is born in this house"


The puppies from Arizona Rhiannon x Rocbee Woodstock and Silke Our Loyal Welsh x  Xanthos Our Loyal Welsh are doing fine. There are still some puppies available


There are still some puppies available

Crufts 2013

We had a lovely trip to Birmingham, had Wingi and Brighid with me, no placements, put Brighid in the wrong class, her sister Delilah from Molly was placed Res. (4) in a strong puppyclass. On the journey back we stayed the last night in Folkestone where the dogs could run on the beach but it was very cold there. Home again it was right away very busy with the puppies


Nog 2 puppyreutjes en 1 puppyteefje zoeken een baasje


Floki, daughter from Dylan and Jayne with the Challenge Cup from the WSSC for the best results on the hunting tests from the Royal Dutch Hunting Association in 2012

23-3-2013 Show Hazerswoude

Brighid Youthclass 3 Excellent
Bree Youthclass 4 Very Good
Ayla Intermediairclass 1 Excellent, CAC, CACIB and BOB
Wingi Openclass 2 Excellent


2 lovely puppymales still are looking for a home


Brighid succeeded to get her A-diplome for obedience with honour. Well done, little girl.


The training on the dogfield started, found myself in the puppyclass this evening with Jimmy, son of Xanthos (Pipo) x Silke while on another part of the field the GG-Beginners were training, among them Jimmy's father Pipo and Zottie Our Loyal Welsh, trained by my daughters Daphne and Anne.

Brighid has been officially X-rayed, still have to wait for the result but it looks good.

The 2 puppymales are still looking for a new home


Brighid Youthclass 2 Excellent
Bree Youthclass 3 Very Good
Ayla Intermediairclass 1 Excellent
Wingi Openclass 3 Excellent


New eyeresult for Dutch Ch. Jayne Our Loyal Welsh - eyes all clear, Jayne is in season and will soon be mated for her final litter.

HD-score for Brighid is A

Eirian, daughter from Silke and Xanthos at the age of 15 weeks.

The 2 puppymales are still there and looking for a home


The 5th of may the UV-test (stayingpowertest) was held in our area. The biggest part of the test is biking 20 km with 2 little stops where the judge can check the feet of the dogs and some obedience tests. In the group 2 Borders, Vlegel and Zottie Our Loyal Welsh (and 2 daughters) and at the 4th bike Yzra Our Loyal Welsh with Charles. All 3 succeeded to get the official diplome, well done.


Today Dutch Ch. Jayne Our Loyal Welsh has been mated for her final litter by Xanthos Our Loyal Welsh


A big congratulations to Nora and Jerry, on the last day of the National Speciality Weekend in the USA Brodie Our Loyal Welsh became Winners Dog and with that he is now an American Champion. Picture will follow as soon as I have it.

20-5-2013 Show Arnhem

Brighid in Youthclass 1 Excellent Youth CAC
Ayla in Intermediair 1 Excellent Res. CAC


Wingi has been mated today by Zorro Fan't Detica, we espect their puppies around the 24th of july


One puppymale from 4 1/2 month is still looking for a home


Picture made from Brodie Our Loyal Welsh (13 months) during the National Speciality Weekend in the USA when he became American Champion

7-7-2013 Show in Echt

Brighid 2 Excellent in Youthclass
Ayla 1 Excellent in Intermediairclass


The final litter of Jayne is born, 2 sons and 6 daughters, the litter looks lovely


Also the puppies from Wingi arrived, 6 sons and 2 daughters

18-8-2013 Championclubmatch WSSC

Eirian 4 Very Promising in Puppyclass
Ayla 1 Excellent in Intermediairclass
Brighid 3 Excellent in Youthclass
Cari 1 Excellent in Vetranclass and Best Veteran of the day


The puppies from Jayne and Wingi are doing fine,there are still some lovely puppies available


"Breaking news"Bleddyn Our Loyal Welsh (Boone), new American Champiion. Jayne's 3rd Champion in the USA, wow! When I have the picture of his winning I will show it on the website. Congratulations Nora, Joe and Deb.


There are still some puppies available

Maastricht 28 and 29 september

28-09-2013 Brighid 1 Excellent Youngdogclass
Ayla 4 Excellent Openclass

29-09-2013 Brighid 2 Excellent Youngdogclass
Ayla 1 Excellent Openclass, Res.Cac and Res.CACIB, because the Best Bitch came out of the Championclass Ayla got the ticket.

We stayed in a lovely small hotel just outside Maastricht, the dogs had a good run on the Bemelerberg, this is a beautiful part of Holland, we enjoyed it very much


There are still some puppies from Wingi searching for a new home

6-10-2013, Zwolle Int. show

Brighid, 2 Excellent in Intermediairclass
Ayla, 1 Excellent in Openclass, best bitch, CAC, CACIB
Cari, 1 Excellent in Veteran and she ended up as 4th
Best Veteran in Show that day


3 nice puppies are still looking for a good home


Silke, Tulip, Brighid and Yzra went today to the eyespecialist, all four with good results.
Brighid and Yzra were there for the first time so they also had the Gonio and they are both free.


There she is again "covergirl Jayne", also this lovely picture was made by Ria van Middelaar


Two nice puppymales from 3 months are still looking for a new home

28-10-2013 Midland Counties Show in the UK

We came in on saturday and went straight to the Outlet from Wedgwood (yes crazy, we know), than to the hotel. Sunday, the show, had with me Brighid and Ayla. Brighid was placed 4th in Postgraduate, for Ayla it was her "debute"in the UK and what a start for this lovely young lady, Second in Limit! Luckely we already planned another day, because of the storm we could'nt come back anyway. We visited a dear friend and the dogs had a good run in the forest. Late in the evening we arrived in Folkestone and the next morning we went over to Holland with a calm sea and sunshine!

In the meantime here in the house there are 2 puppymales from 3 months looking for a home


Today the Show in Bleiswijk;
Brighid 1 Very Good in Youngdogclass
Ayla 1 Excellent, Res. CAC and CACIB
and than the old lady, Cari, 1 Excellent in Veteran, 5th Best Veteran in Show, it is a pleasure to represent such a lovely Welsh in the Veteran Group. From now on her official name is Dutch Ch. Cari Terwyn Our Loyal Welsh UV'07, NVK'13


Zero Zottie (Border Terrier) is in season and will soon be mated


Today Vlegel (Border Terrier) succeeded to get the official Cynophilia Diplom G & G Beginners and also today Ziggy (Border Terrier) succeeded to get the Diplome SHH from the Federatie Hondensport Nederland

2 lovely puppymales (3 1/2 months) from Wingi are still looking for a home


Today Zero Zottie (Border Terrier) had a date with Caracole Du Bois Caiman JW'08, hopefully we can welcome their puppies arund the 12th of january.


Today a small group had to do the examination for the A-diplome Obedience, Eirian succeeded,  actually she was the best of the group, well done little girl


an ultrasound showed this morning that we can welcome the puppies from Zottie around the 12th of january. It will be the seventh generation Borders straight in line from our Miss Merel, we're very happy with that


One Welshpuppymale from Wingi, 4 1/2 month, is still looking for a loving house

13-12-2013 Eendaagse Amsterdam

Brighid Youngdogclass 2 Excellent Res. CACIB
Ayla Openclass 2 Excellent

15-12-2013 Winner Amsterdam

Eirian Youthclass 3 Excellent
Brighid Youngdogclass 3 Excellent
Ayla Openclass 1 Excellent
Cari Vetranclass 1 Excellent Veteranwinster

Kamp. Cari Terwyn Our Loyal Welsh UV'06,NVK'13,VW'13

21-12-2013 Cuijk (Wijchen)

Eirian Youthclass 3 Excellent
Ayla Openclass 1 Excellent Res CACIB


Ayla Our Loyal Welsh is Best Welsh Springer Bitch 2013 in the Netherlands, well done, you deserve it.

Silke is in season and will soon be mated.

I wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and for the " Our LoyalWelsh"- offspring wherever they live in the world in the world a big hug, you made me proud