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I wish everybody a Happy New Year


Show in Cuyk
Joy in Puppyclass 1 Very Promising, Best puppy and Best Puppy in Show
Ayla in Championclass 1 Excellent

Joy, Best Puppy in Show!



Winner Amsterdam
Joy in Puppyclass 2 Very Promising
Ayla in Championclass 1 Excellent


Holland Cup Amsterdam
Joy in Puppyclass 1 Very Promising Best Puppy
Ayla in Championclass 1 Excellent, Best Bitch CAC


7-5-2000  Axl  21-11-2014
Today we had to say goodbye to Border to Border Axl Rose. I took Axl with me from Danmark in 2000 and he lived his whole life with my daughter Daphne. He was a Border Terrier with a very pleasant character which he gave through to many of his children, run free Axl.


Still waiting for Brighid and Ayla to come in season


Championclubmatch SEWSSC in swanley. A short trip to the UK with Ned.Ch Ayla Our Loyal Welsh and the "veteran"Ned.Ch Cari Terwyn Our Loyal Welsh. The old girl really enjoyed every minute, she even recognized the hotel where I stayed. Results; Ayla in Open - VHC, Cari in Veteran 3rd


Show Zwolle, Ayla in Championclass - 1 Excellent, CAC and CACIB


Show Zwolle, Ayla in Championclass - 1 Excellent


This winter litters are planned for Brighid and Ayla. If everything goes by "schedule"we will have puppies from Brighid around the end of november and from Ayla a little later, probably under the Christmastree.


Beneluxwinner in Rotterdam. Rientje in Openclass 4 Very Good (she had a good to life! but she is coming around), Ayla - 1 Excellent in Championclass CAC, CACIB, Beneluxwinner.
This same weekend Ch Bleddyn Our Loyal Welsh became Grandchampion in the USA

Grandchampion Bleddyn Our Loyal Welsh


WSSC Championclubmatch. Openclass Rientje 4 Very Good, Championclass Ayla 2 Excellent, Veteranclass Cari 2 Excellent


Utsa Our Loyal Welsh was second Best Welsh on the Workingtest of Spanielgroep Oost


Joy got the puppycertificate of the puppytraining in obedience


6 sons and 1 daughter for Wingi Our Loyal Welsh JW'11 x Ferndel Amren for Laithmoor (UK),
Wingi and kids are doing fine


The echo made this morning showed that Wingi is pregnant from Ferndel Amren for Laithmoor (UK). We can welcome their puppies around 18-8-2014


Eyeresults for Eirian and Elwood Our Loyal Welsh (Xanthos Our Loyal Welsh x Silke Our Loyal Welsh); Eyes all free incl. gonio. The hipscore for both is A


Although I should go to the shows in Arnhem and the Gundogshow I had to go to the UK with Wingi Our Loyal Welsh JW'11 for a date with Ferndel Amren for Laithmoor. Apparently nothing can be planned here! Hopefully we can welcome puppies from this lovely combination around 18-08-2014


Van het nest van Tulip is nog 1 reutje beschikbaar


the puppies from Ruby (Arizona Rhosyn) x Rocbee Woodstock, on the picture 6 days old,
Ruby and kids are doing fine


Arizona Rhosyn (Ruby) is growing and growing, almost 2 weeks to go before we can welcome the puppies from her and Rocbee Woodstock.


Show De Baronie (Hulten); Eirian in Youthclass 3 Very Good
Ayla in Championclass 1 Excellent, Res.CAC and CACIB

10-5-2014 4 sons and 4 daughters for Royailes Tulip and Rocbee Woodstock

Herplaatser; In verband met ziekte van de co-owner zoeken we een ander "forever home"voor een teefje van 2 jaar, als u hiervoor interesse heeft kunt u contact met me opnemen.


The puppies from Silke are doing fine, one lovely puppymale is still available

23-3-2014 Show Hazerswoude

The first show for me in the Netherlands. With me I had young Eirian -2 Excellent in Youthclass and Ayla in Openclass, she was "crowned"today - she did it in style, 1 Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB, shortlisted in the Group It is now Dutch Ch. Ayla Our Loyal Welsh, well done girls

9-3-2014 Crufts- Birmingham

It was the seventh year this year that I showed on Crufts, always special and as always we enjoyed it although this year my mind was often in the Netherlands. Puppies in the house from Silke, only one week old and than Tulip who decided that her time to be mated to Rocbee Woodstock was the day that I was showing on the green carpet in Birmingham! Luckily there was good  taken care for Silke, the puppies and Tulip. Ayla did well in the ring and ended up 3rd in Limit, well done girl. The next day we enjoyed a nice walk in the hills. In the meantime that weekend Am. Ch. Bleddyn Our Loyal Welsh took 3 times Best of Breed and a Groupplacement 3 in the USA and for the moment Gr. Ch Royailes Willem of Windsor, brother to Tulip is standing nr. 1 in the Breed in the USA.

Ayla on the move


2 sons and 4 daughters for Silke Our Loyal Welsh x Zorro Fan't Detica


Had the official HD-result in from Eirian and yes A.
Silke is growing and starting to show pregnancy.
I think it won't be long before Royailes Tulip will be in season, she will be mated.
In the meantime we do enjoy the Border puppies from Zottie here.


3 Sons and 1 daughter for Zero Zottie Our Loyal Welsh x Caracole Du Bois Caiman JW'08

4-1-2014     1999 Seirian Our Loyal Welsh 2014

Today we had to say goodbye to another old sweet girl, Seirian who lived with their co-owners Wilfried en Anja went today over the Rainbowbridge.

Run free Siertje


Herplaatsing; Welshreutje van 6 maanden, niks mis mee, zoekt nog een baasje.

Silke had a date with Zorro Fan't Detica, we espect their puppies around the 2nd of march.