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On behalf of the whole "crew"living on the "Nagtegaal"I wish everybody a happy and healthy 2016. A special hug from me to all the Our Loyal Welsh kids around the world


The last show of the year, Kerstshow in Cuyk, had only little Si-Lw (Llawen Lady) with me and she ended up in Youthclass 1 Excellent Youth-CAC


The echo confirmed today that we can welcome the puppies from Brighid and Khandor around the 18th of january


Ok, here she is, Best of Breed Winner Amsterdam, Dutch Champion Ayla Our Loyal Welsh, thanks everybody for the congratulations.

Results from friday, Holland Cup, Khandor Our Loyal Welsh 1 Excellent in Youngdogclass and Llawen Lady Our Loyal Welsh 2 Excellent in Youthclass

Results from the Winner sunday, Khandor 1 Excellent Youngdogclass, Llawen Lady 4 Very Good in Youthclass (she looked today like a puppy between the others), Dutch Champion Ayla Our Loyal Welsh in Championclass 1 Excellent, Best Bitch, Best of Breed, CAC, CACIB and Winner 2015


The echo confirmed today that we can welcome the puppies from Zottie and Viggen next month (Border Terrier)


Brighid has been mated by Khandor, details under puppys


It has been such a busy half year, had no time for a lot of things.
Beside the shows in Holland we visited the show in Windsor where Llawen Lady (Ferndel
Amren for Laithmoor x Wingi Our Loyal Welsh) met her father Bean. It was nice to
talk with puppyowners from me out of California, what a small world! We spent some
nice days in Windsor. and I was at the Clubshow from der Jagdspanielklub in
Germany. The lovely picture of Llawen Lady was made there by Lidewij Harmsen. She
was on the picture 12 months.

New healthresults

Xanthos new eyeresult; eyes all clear
Wingi new eyeresult; eyes all clear
Joy; HD A, eyes all clear, Gonio not free
Khandor; HD A, eyes all clear incl. Gonio
Llawen Lady; HD A, eyes all clear incl. Gonio

Border news; Zero Zottie Our Loyal Welsh and Voodoo Games from Dawi's Rhapsody (Viggen)
hopefully get puppies around the 14th of januar, will be nice to have
little Border Terriers again.

And latest Welsh news; Bridghid is in season and will be mated.


2 puppies van Ayla zoeken nog een baasje, ze zijn nu 9 weken

24-5-2015 Show in Arnhem

Had with me Khandor Our Loyal Welsh (Rocbee Woodstock x Arizona Rhosyn Our Loyal Welsh), almost 12 months young male and Joy. Khandor was for the first time in the showring and started with 1 Excellent and JCAC. He was nicely handled by Kelly. Joy had a lovely 3 excellent, she is still such a puppy.


Er zijn nog puppies beschikbaar van Silke en Ayla
There still are puppies available from Silke and Ayla


2-6-2000 Utah Our Loyal Welsh 21-4-2015

Today we had to say goodbye to Utah, mother from Delwyn and grandmother from Jayne. Utah lived her whole life with my sister and her family, she gave me 2 lovely litters and will be deeply missed, especially by my sister and her family. Run free Utah. 


This year Flˇki took them all. The trophy's for the highest points on the diplomes of the royal Dutch Hunting Tests were given to the daughter of Julita Ranger x Jayne Our Loyal Welsh. They were presented on the General Meeting of the WSSC. Well done Flˇki.


2 Boys and 5 girls for Ayla and Quarterback (Diesel), Ayla and kids are doing fine. That makes the "babyboom" complete here in the house


3 boys and 4 girls for Silke and Floyd! Silke and kids are doing fine


Arrived yesterdayevening late back from Birmingham. After so many years standing in the ring it was good for once not to take dogs with me so that I could see more and relax. I really enjoyed it and loved it to look the second day at other breeds. Did do my "shoppings" but even 2 days are not enough!

1-3-2015 Show Groningen

Back from the Show in Groningen, Rientje ended with a 3 Very Good in Open Class and little Joy with a lovely Excellent in Junior


Echo showed that Silke Our Loyal Welsh is pregnant from Follow Floyd of Griffin's Lodge. We espect their puppies around the 10th of march


Also this year started for me with a lot of Welsh around me, I feel it as a great honour that, after I judged the Open Show of the WSSC of South Wales, I was now allowed to judge the Open Show of the SEWSSC. Really enjoyed it and my daughter and I had a great weekend.