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From all of us at "Our Loyal Welsh"I want to wish everybody a Happy and
Healthy 2017 and a special hug for all the Welshkids where ever they are.

9-10-12-2016 Amsterdam Winner

Friday-Holland Cup, Khandor 3 Excellent, Llawen Lady 2 Excellent, both
in Open Class
Saturday, Winner, Llawen Lady 4 Excellent in Open Class, Khandor in Open
Class 1 Excellent Res.CAC and Res.CACIB. Because the Best Male came out of the Championclass Khandor got the full points and with that he is a full Dutch Sh.Champion. I bred 2 litters from Arizona Rhosyn Our Loyal Welsh (Ruby), out of her first litter I kept Dutch Ch Ayla Our Loyal Welsh W'15, top bitch of the Netherlands 2013 and out of her second litter Dutch Ch Khandor Our Loyal Welsh, thank you Ruby for such a lovely offspring.


Silke has been mated by Khandor Our Loyal Welsh for her final litter, details see under puppies.


The last puppy from Eirian has found a "forever home". One puppymale will stay a little longer with me, he has to wait till 15 weeks before he is allowed to cross the borders.


One lovely puppybitch out of the litter from Eirian Our Loyal Welsh x
Llon Ddraig Goch is still available.

5/6-11-2016 Show Hazerswoude

Khandor ended both days as nr 4 in Openclass and Llawen-Lady (Si-Lw)
saturday 3rd and sunday nr 4 in Openclass.


Had a lovely weekend with Llawen Lady and Rachel Our Loyal Welsh. Rachel
was with me
on a "learning-trip", she is 5 1/2 month now and enjoyed every minute of it. Was in the UK for the SEWSSC Championshipshow, entered Llawen Lady in Maiden Bitch, she won the First Prize and in Novice Res.


The puppies from Eirian Our Loyal Welsh x Llon Ddraig Goch (UK) are 6 weeks now and doing fine, it's a very enjoyable litter. One puppybitch is still available.

1/2-10-2016 shows in Zwolle

1 Oktober, Khandor in Openclass 1 Excellent Res.CAC/Res.CACIB, because the Best Male came out of the Championclass Khandor got the full CAC. Llawen Lady 2 Excellent in Openclass.

2 Oktober, Khandor in Openclass 3 Excellent and Llawen Lady 1 Excellent Res.CAC and CACIB.

3-9-2016 show in Rotterdam, Khandor in Openclass 3 Good and Llawen Lady in Openclass 1 Excellent.


2 sons and 5 daughters for Eirian x Jasper, details about the parents see under puppies. Eirian and kids are doing fine.


A hot but nice day at the Championclubmatch of the WSSC. Khandor got 1 Excellent in Breedersclass and Llawen Lady 2 Excellent in Breedersclass.


16-01-2003 / 26-08-2016    ~   Baccara Beau Our Loyal Welsh
Today I got the sad news that Beau died, Beau lived her whole life with her co-owner. Thanks Jetty for giving Beau a wonderfull life.


Echo showed today that Eirian is pregnant from Llon Ddraig Goch (UK), details see under puppies


De puppies van Wingi en Floyd zijn nu 8 1/2 week, er zijn nog 2 reutjes
The puppies from Wingi and Floyd are 8 1/2 weesk now, 2 puppymales are still available


Show Uden, Khandor- Open Class 1 Excellent, Res.CAC and Res.CACIB Because the
best male came out of the Ch.Class Khandor got the full CAC.
Joy-Open Class, 2 Very Good


Gundogshow Papendal
Khandor-Youngdogclass 2 Excellent
Llawen Lady-Youngdogclass 1Excellent


Puppies are born and doing fine, busy times here in the house


Time for an update: In the night of 10 march we headed up for
Birmingham, entered with Ayla and Llawen Lady, they were not placed but as always we had a good time. Especially Llawen Lady learned a lot of lifts, hotels, baby- train and all the noices on the airport, she did great. 19 March we went to the Show in Hazerswoude, Khandor 1 Excellent Res.CAC and Res.CACIB in Youngdogclass and Llawen Lady 2 Excellent in Youngdogclass. 9 April we went to the Show in Nieuwegein, Khandor and Llawen Lady both 2 Excellent in Youngdogclass. Now it is time to do a lot of things in and around the house so that everything is ready to welcome the puppies next month.


Wingi Our Loyal Welsh JW'11 (HD-A, eyes all free, Gonio free) had today
a date with Follow Floyd of Griffin's Lodge (HD-A, eyes all free). Hopefully we can welcome their puppies around the 8th of may.


Wingi is in season and will soon be mated


Welsh meet Border

foto; Karin Vogt


Khandor had a date with a lovely young German lady


The Welsh and Border puppies are doing fine, they all are spoken for.
Further breedingplans,.see under puppies


7 Sons and 4 daughters for Brighid and Khandor. Sofar puppies and mum are doing fine, details see under puppies


A son and a daughter for Zottie and Viggen