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Everybody a Happy New Year with your beloved ones, two-legs or 4-legged. Loosing my 3 oldies almost knocked me down this year but I look forward to 2018 with all new kind of adventures.


Llawen Lady (Ferndel Amren for Laithmoor x Wingi Our Loyal Welsh) is in season and will soon be mated


Christmasshow in Gorinchem: Tegan 3 Excellent in Junior, Tirion 2 VG in Junior, Joy 1 Excellent in Open

8/10-12-2017  Double Show in Amsterdam

8-12-2017 Tirion 4 VG in Junior, Joy 2 Excellent in Open, 10-12-2017 Winner,
Tegan 3 Excellent in Junior, Tirion 2 VG in Junior, Joy 1 Excellent in Open


I would like to thank everybody for the warm reactions from all over the world by the death of Jayne, it helps.I just looked in the Canine Chronicle (USA) at the statistics of the AKC Grand Championship where number 1 at the moment is a son of Brodie Our Loyal Welsh and number 3 is a son of Wynn Our Loyal Welsh, both children from Jayne with different fathers. Here in the house I have her
daughters, her granddaughters Eirian and Llawen Lady, her greatgrandchildren Tegan and Tirion. Many of her offspring is working in the field, here in this part of the world and in the USA. I think her legacy will be wider than I realise at the moment. I'll miss her but what a great moments I had with this special girl in the field and in the showring.

4-5-11-2017 Double Show in Hazerswoude

4-11-2017 Tegan 1 VG in Junior, Tirion 3 VG in Junior, Joy 1 Excellent in Open
5-11-2017 Tegan 2 Excellent in Junior, Tirion 1 VG in Junior, 2 Excellent in Open


Dutch Ch Jayne Our Loyal Welsh 18-12-2005/1-11-2017

Normally around this time I have booked a trip to the sun but I saw this one coming. For the moment my heart is broken, today I lost Jayne, the last 2 months she became a shadow of herself and today I had to say goodbye to this very special girl. She herself was not only a beauty but a great Welsh in the field. Genes she gave through to her offspring. She has left a "treasure"of kids living in different parts of this world and here in the house.


Love this picture from a very young Tegan Our Loyal Welsh (Llon Ddraig
Goch x Eirian Our Loyal Welsh). In the meantime his healthresults are known: HD-A, eyes all free incl.
gonio just like my other young male Dutch Ch Khandor Our Loyal Welsh. Both, Khandor and Tegan are available for suitable bitches who are X-rayed, eyechecked and had the gonio.


Door onvoorziene omstandigheden is er nog een reutje beschikbaar uit het nest van Multi Ch. Wild Chase des Vauriennes x Brighid Our Loyal Welsh.


Double show in Zwolle, Tegan (Shot) the first day 1 Excellent, youth CAC in Junior, he was also first the second day. Tirion (Tammy), his sister the first day 3 Excellent in Junior, she was also third the second day.


There is one puppymale available from the litter of Brighid and Shane.


HD-results for Tirion (Tammy) and Tegan (Shot) Our Loyal Welsh, daughter
and son from Llon Ddraig Goch x Eirian Our Loyal Welsh, they both have A.


For this year there are still litters planned for Eirion and Llawen Lady (Si-Lw)


Championclubmatch WSSC

Back home from the Championclubmatch I first took care of Brighid, the
puppies and the other dogs. Right after that I "crashed". Has been some heavy days. Brighid and pups, all the things around the Workingtest and the Championclubmatch. Anyway, had a good and nice day with young Shot (Tegan) for the first time in the ring with a 5th in Junior, Khandor took the first place in a big Championclass. The girls Tammy (Tirion) with a 3rd in Junior, lovely young Rachel with a second in Youngdogclass, Si-Lw (Llawen Lady) a 3rd in Openclass and Joy
won the Breedersclass.


8 Sons for Brighid and Shane! All puppies are spoken for.


Brighid is growing fast now, within 4 weeks we can welcome her puppies from Shane.


Meet Sunshine, daughter from Dutch Ch Khandor Our Loyal Welsh and Yzra
Our Loyal Welsh.


Just back from a lovely visit to Windsor Dogshow, had with me the 2 very
young girls Tammy and Racheal. For Tammy (9 months) it was her first appearance in a
showring. She did very well and got the 3rd prize in Puppy. Racheal got a lovely
3rd prize in Junior. With that they both qualified for Cruft's. After the show we went int
the center of Windsor, went to the castle and did some shopping. It's always busy
there, they behaved great and enjoyed every minute and so did we.



Brighid has been mated by Multi Ch. Wild Chase des Vauriennes


Ik ben op zoek naar een co-owner voor een teefje in de omgeving van Aalten


Brighid is in season and will soon be mated, details under puppies


Really time for an update. A lot of work here in and around the house, the work for several clubs, puppies and the death of my 2 oldies kept me busy. We did enjoy the Border puppies from Maus and Viggen, the girl Victory Our Loyal Welsh (Chicky) will stay and live at the co-owner Rhia where also Chicky's greatgrandmother Noek is living. On the 12th of may the puppies from Wingi and Lander were born, to early and one puppy was really to premature to survive. The other ones had a good thrive from the start. In the meantime they are 5 weeks and adorable.


Cyntaf Carwyn Our Loyal Welsh (* 24-5-2003 / 18-4-2017)

Today another special girl died peacefully in my arms at home. Carwyn was the youngest Welsh Springer ever qualified on a fieldtrail and a fieldtrailwinner, one of the few we have in the breed, a talent. She was in 2004 and 2005 Best Working Dog. I will always remember the joy she gave me and the ones who saw her working in the field. Beside the skills on the huntingside she lived and helped my mother for 5 years in so many ways. When my mother died she came back home to me, not only a lose for the huntingworld but for the whole family.

Sweet girl, run free.


"A family-affair"

While I was in a hotel in another part of the country Housemaus (Maus) Our Loyal Welsh decided to give birth on her 60th day of pregnancy. Daughters Daphne and Anne took care of the situation, proud on them. A Border Terrierlitter is always a little bit "special"in the house.Maus is a supermum for her daughter and2 sons.


Echo showed today that Wingi is pregnant, we can welcome the puppies from Wingi and Lander around the 15th of may.


Cari as a pup                                      Cari as a veteran

"If  tears could have made you stay on this earth, you would never have
left my side".
With so much sadness I just had to say goodbye to Dutch Ch Cari Terwyn
Our Loyal Welsh UV'06, NVK'13, VW'13 (2-6-2005 - 6-4-2017), she was not only a beauty but worked with me for many years in the field, often together with Jayne. Words cannot say how much I already miss her. I "comfort"myself with the knowledge that I have her here around me by the next generations. Sweet girl, run free.


Show Hazerswoude

Rachel - 4 Excellent in Youthclass
Llawen Lady - 3 Excellent in Open Class


Wingi has been mated for her final litter by Isfryn On the Spot (Lander), hopefully we can welcome their puppies around the 15th of may.


Show Groningen

For the first time in the showring a very young Rachel Our Loyal Welsh, she started with a lovely 2 Excellent in Youthclass, Llawen Lady won the Open Class.


On Valentineday Housemaus (Maus) Our Loyal Welsh had a date with Voodoo Games from Dewi's Rhapsody (Viggen). Hopefully we can welcome the eight generation straight back to our first Border Terrier.


The puppies from Silke and Khandor are doing fine, all puppies are reserved. Hopefully we get in spring litters from Brighid and Wingi, perhaps later year from Ayla.


2 Sons and 3 daughters for Silke Our Loyal Welsh x Dutch Ch Khandor Our Loyal Welsh, Silke and kids are doing fine.