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Was today at the Christmasshow with Xena Our Loyal Welsh NJK'18, JWW'18 (Sunshine) and she ended this year with 1 Excellent Res. CACIB. She had a fabulous year, became Dutch Youth Champion and is the Youth World Champion of this year, has a lot of huntingcapabilities in her and a lovely character. And on top of the cake her healthresults are HD-A, eyes all free, gonio free. She is a real "Sunshine"in my life. So at the end of the year I'm looking forward to 2019. Brighid and Rachel can come in season now every day, Brighid will get her final litter and sweet Rachel her first. Exciting times on the way. I wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and a special hug from me to all the Our Loyal Welsh puppies who nowadays live in so many countries.


Home after 2 days showing in Amsterdam. Friday the Holland Cup and today the Winner. Had friday with me Tegan Our Loyal Welsh, he was Second in Open Class and today Dutch Ch Khandor Our Loyal Welsh in Championclass, for some reason only one Champion was placed. Xena Our Loyal Welsh NJK'18 JWW'18 was both days First in Youngdogclass


Ffraid Our Loyal Welsh 25/1/2004 - 1/12/2018

Sometimes you wish they stay longer but as we know life comes to an end also for Ffraid. When he was very young I worked him in the field, a natural with a lot of will to please. He lived his life with the co- owners Thea and Petra, his whole life showing this lovely will to please. He is incredibly missed at the moment, run free sweet Ffraid, thank you for being such a true loyal dog.


Home, sweet home after another weekend UK. This time to catch up with dear old friends and to judge the Specials at the motherclub. After I judged the Open Shows from the WSSC of South Wales and the SEWSSC I felt very honoured to get the invitation to judge at the third special club of our breed. Loved to have so many Welsh around me and enjoyed my day. And ofcourse loved to see Florence, daughter of Llawen Lady, thanks Ann to drive all the way down.


Shot (Tegan Our Loyal Welsh) had a visit from his puppydaughter Clarence (Stevie).


Litters are planned from Brighid and Rachel Our Loyal Welsh.


Finally all the puppies ar at their new homes. The last one, Cooper son of Ayla and Tegan, a lovely male, will fly on wednesday to his destination.


Finally back home after a nice weekend in the UK. Was at the Championclubmatch of the SEWSSC. Had with
me Xena Our Loyal Welsh NJK'18, JWW'18 and Llawen Lady Our Loyal Welsh. Xena (Sunshine) had a lovely 2nd in a strong Juniorclass and a 3rd in Yearlingclass. Llawen Lady (Si-Lw) was in Postgraduateclass and that class was simply to heavy for her. It was lovely to see Glynell Jiffy, grandson of my Jayne, winning the Post- graduate. In behaviour he reminds me a lot to her and when I looked him
in the eyes, I went quickly away from him, so much Jayne. Jayne died almost a year ago but I still have those "moments". Anyway I enjoyed all the Welsh and my staying in Folkestone at the beach where I can let the dogs walk free. The way back was not so nice, it took me 8 hours! to come through Belgium because of the many accidents on the road. Home sweet home.


From the litter of Dutch Ch Ayla Our Loyal Welsh x Tegan Our Loyal Welsh 3 lovely girls are still looking for an forever home. They are fully vaccinated incl. RabiŽs.


Today the Championclubmatch of the WSSC, had with me Tegan, Khandor, Xena, Llawen Lady and Silke. 
Tegan Our Loyal Welsh won the Breedersclass, Dutch Ch Khandor Our Loyal Welsh was 4th in Championclass,
Xena Our Loyal Welsh, NJK 2018, JWW 2018 was 4th in Junior, Llawen Lady Our Loyal Welsh won the Openclass, my "eternal child" Silke Our Loyal Welsh was second in Veteranclass. She had not seen a showring for 8 1/2 years! Only showed her 3 times when she was 9 months old because she could'nt stand still and was constantly wagging not only her tail but half of her body pure out of joy and temperament. Now that she is a veteran she can stand still if it is not too long! Or as the judge said "she is still full of temperament". If you should see her movements you should think she is still very young.


Today also a very sad day, this afternoon I had to say goodbye to Zusy, the Border Terrier in the age of 16 years and 4 months. The last years always together with Pipo, the Welshmale in the house, he was the last year her "guide" and she followed him wherever he went. I
left her for a while in the kitchen together with Pipo so he knows that she is really dead, he is very sad at the moment  and is missing his little mate. Run free sweet girl, miss you.


From the litters from Joy and Ayla is one puppymale and some girls still available

9/10/11 of August World Dog Show weekend Amsterdam

Coming around after 3 days Amsterdam combined with visits to my family. Had with me the young girl Xena (Sunshine) Our Loyal Welsh NJK 2018 (Dutch Ch Khandor Our Loyal Welsh x Yzra Our Loyal Welsh) and Llawen Lady (Si-Lw) Our Loyal Welsh (Ferndel Amren for Laithmoor x Wingi Our Loyal Welsh). Although Si-Lw is still recovering from her first litter I had her with me because her lovely babydaughter is living with my sister. Ok, first day, the Benelux, both girls Excellent in their classes. Second day, the Specialities, both girls 3 Excellent in their classes. Third day, the World Dog Show, Sunshine in Junior 1 Excellent and Youth World Winner 2018 and Si-Lw Excellent in Open Class. The "homefront" took in the meantime good care for the dogs and the puppies from Joy and Ayla.

Xena Our Loyal Welsh NJK 2018, WJW 2018        foto: Jolanda in't Groen


2 Sons and 8 daughters for Dutch CH Ayla Our Loyal Welsh x Tegan Our Loyal Welsh


One puppymale from 4 months still available, fully vaccinated including RabiŽs


2 sons and 5 daughters for Joy, see under puppies


Show Zwolle, Tegan Our Loyal Welsh 1 VG in Youngdogclass and Xena Our Loyal Welsh 2 Excellent in Juniorclass


3 Puppyreuen uit het nest van Kamp. Gold Digger from Kind of Magic x Eirian Our Loyal Welsh, geboren 17-03-2018 zijn nog op zoek naar een baasje.


Tegan Our Loyal Welsh 1 Excellent in Youngdogclass
Xena Our Loyal Welsh 1 Excellent in Youthclass, CAC, BOS and today she had the last point for her first official title Dutch Youth Champion. She has been shown only 4 times now and "collected" already 2 CAC's and 2 Res. CAC's, a special lady.


Enkele puppyreutjes zoeken nog een baasje, de puppies zijn nu 5 weken.


Show Utrecht, Sunshine 2 Excellent in Youthclass


All the puppies and mums are doing fine, there are still some puppies available.


"White with red plates", 5 sons and 2 daughters for Eirian Our Loyal Welsh x Gold Digger from Kind of Magic.

Mum and kids are doing fine.


4 Sons and 2 daughters for Llawen Lady Our Loyal Welsh (Si-Lw) and Dutch Ch Khandor Our Loyal Welsh


Shows Groningen

Had with me Tegan Our Loyal Welsh (Shot) and my very young girl Xena Our Loyal Welsh  (Dutch Ch Khandor Our Loyal Welsh x Yzra Our Loyal Welsh), I call her Sunshine. Showresults for Tegan, the first day a first place with Res.CAC and Res. CACIB and the second day a second place. And than, a dreamdebute for Sunshine, just 9 months old. The first day 1 Excellent, a youth CAC, Res. CAC, Best Young Dog. The second day, 1 Excellent, youth CAC, Res.CAC, Best Young Dog. Never seen a showring, she loved it all. I think a very special lady. Thanks Marja for the pictures.


Eirian Our Loyal Welsh has been mated by Gold Digger from Kind of Magic NJK'17, JW'16, Eirian and Gold Digger (George) are both HD-A, eyes all free and gonio free. If everything goes well we can welcome their puppies around the 19th of march.



Llawen Lady (Si-Lw) Our Loyal Welsh (Ferndel Amren for Laithmoor x Wingi Our Loyal Welsh) has been mated by Dutch Ch Khandor Our Loyal Welsh (Rocbee Woodstock x Arizona Rhosyn Our Loyal Welsh). They are both HD-A, eyes all free, gonio free. That means if everything goes well we can espect their puppies around the 11th of march! Right, Crufts, wanted to enter but that is ofcourse not possible now. Also Eirian is in season and will soon be mated. Both girls should be in season around november. I think they did this on purpose, they don't want me to leave the country!