Arizona Rhiannon Our Loyal Welsh

D.O.B. 25-07-2008, HD B, Eyes all clear

Am.Ch.Royailes A Cut Above Am.Ch.Royailes Kool Ham Luke Am.Ch.Sudawn's Flyzod
Am.Ch.Royailes Kayla Kydd
Am.Ch.Sudawn's Gun's and Roses Su-dawn's Fly's My Dad
Su-dawn's Danceinow The Celin
Cari Terwyn Our Loyal Welsh UV'07 Int.Ch.Hammalgardens Don't Forget Me Merry One's Number One
Hammalgardens Lucky Little Love
Zuske Our Loyal Welsh Husty Hunter v.d. Drentsche Hunen
Sulwyn Our Loyal Welsh

Rhiannon (Rientje) shows a lot of interest in the huntingpart already, she has a good nose
and loves to retrieve. sofar I am very pleased with her development. Her sister Rhosyn (Ruby)
is living with the co-owner Jorrit Schotman who tries to educate her or is it the otherway around?