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Jayne, Silke and Wingi are diving into the new year

Photo Ria van Middelaar

Clubmatch KC Winterswijk

Xanthos - Jouthclass 1 BOB
Ayla - Best Baby and placed by the last six Best Babys in Show
Zottie (Border) - Best Puppy and 3rd Best Puppy in Show


Cari is in season and will soon be mated


It is with the greatest sadness that I have to announce the death of Sulwyn  Our Loyal Welsh UV'99 and her son Ch. Ufo Our Loyal Welsh W'05. Ufo became worser and worser the last weeks, the functions went more and more down. I wanted to let him go with dignity and than this saturday a mamatumor bursted by his mother and I had no other choice than to let her go. Perhaps later in the year I'll write a long "in memorium"especially from Sulwyn but loosing 2 dogs in one day, even if they are so old is to much for me.

In loving memory Sulwyn Our Loyal Welsh 1997-2012

"You are not gone, I still can feel you all around me"
Bye, "poep"


In loving memory Ufo Our Loyal Welsh 2000-2012

"Love is also to say goodbye even if you don't want to"
Bye manneke.

Dylan & Anja


On this day that I get condoleances from all over the world by the loss of Sulwyn and Ufo also something nice happened. In England they are making a Calender for 2013 which will be shown for the first time on Crufts. The profits will go to the Welsh Rescue. The "covergirl"is Dutch Champion Jayne Our Loyal Welsh.


Today Cari has been mated by Loke, see under puppies


I would like to thank everybody for the condoleances I received by Facebook, e-mail and postcards after the death from Sulwyn and Ufo. It is hard to miss the oldies.


This picture I receivd fom the USA yesterday of Wynn Our Loyal Welsh, it has been made 23-10-2011 when she became American Champion in the age of 14 months


Ultrasound shows that Cari is pregnant


A lovely picture from Aislinn (Bonsai) Our Loyal Welsh in the age of 6 months carrying proudly a rabbit walking beside her owner Birte from Danmark.

9-3-2012 Crufts Birmingham

We had a wonderful time in the UK on Crufts, Arizona Rhiannon (Rientje) en Wingi enjoyed themselves in Birmingham and in Folkestone where we stayed an extra night just to relax. We were sitting on the balcony drinking coffee with the vieuw over the sea! Super.

WingiOur Loyal Welsh JW'2011 was 2nd in Yearling Class. Arizona Rhiannon Our Loyal Welsh was Res. in Postgraduate. Well done girls! pictures are made by Marianne Coppelmans.

Wingi on the green carpet

Rientje on the move


Ziggy Our Loyal Welsh in a tattoo of her owners arm. The tattoo of the Border "Ziggy Sherlock Holmes"was BIS on Tattoo.Ink Explosion in Germany.


Thanks to my daughters Daphne and Anne, Xanthos (Pipo) succeeded to get his A-diplom for Obedience, Zottie (Border Terrier) succeeded for her A-diplom with honour. Well done!

31-3 t/m 1-4-2012

International Test Event for Rescue Dogs
Nr. 1 on the Trummer/Rubble Search Suitabilitytest was the Border Terrier Lloyd Our Loyal Welsh from Esther. He is doing a good job as a Rescue Dog between the Shepherds!


4 sons and 1 daughter for Cari Terwyn Our Loyal Welsh x My Welsh I Can Do It


From the litter from Cari are 2 puppymales available


The puppies from Cari and Loke are today 3 weeks, all 5 and mum are doing fine


Vlegel Our Loyal Welsh (Border) succeeded to get the diplome of the "Uithoudingsvermogentest"
Royailes Hollandaise (Twitter) , another daughter from Sawel and Pumpkin became American Champion. The third in the litter.

27-5-2012 Arnhem

Xanthos 3 Very Good Youthclass
Wingi 1 Excellent Intermediairclass
Rientje 3 Excellent Openclass
Zero Zottie (Border) 3 excellent in Youthclass

3-6-2012 Huntingdogshow Bennekom

Xanthos 3 Excellent Youthclass
Wingi 1 Excellent Intermediairclass
Rientje ! Excellent Res. CAC Openclass, because the Best Bitch came out of the Champonclass, she got the full CAC.


The puppies from Jayne and Cari are "flying"out at the moment. There is still a puppybitch from Cari available.


Brodie "back home"in the house of his father

The "deepfreeze"litter of the late American Champion Royailes A Cut Above and Dutch Ch. Jayne Our Loyal Welsh is "flying"out now. They were born the 28th of march. Brodie and Bleddyn are already in the USA, my heart was bleeding when I sent this beautiful puppymales but it comforts me knowing that a puppymale out of one of these boys will come back to the Netherlands to live with me.. Brian and Begley are living in Holand at hunters. And than the girls, Brighid will stay with me, Bree is living with a co-owner and will do her job in the field, Blodyn will live in Holland and hopefully doing her job in the field, Bevan is still with me but will go next month back to the roots of our breed, Wales.

Both, Nora and Gerald of the Royailes Kennel and I are thrilled with this beautiful litter from Goofy and Jayne and I hope they will be a tribute to their late father Goofy.

With thanks to Jeffrey De Gier from the Vet. Faculty Utrecht for helping to make this combination.

9-6-2012 Show KC De Baronie

Xanthos 3 Excellent in Youthclass
Wingi 1 Excellent in Intermediairclass
Rientje 3 Excellent in Openclass


Hipscore for Xanthos C

23-6-2012 Show Uden

Xanthos 3 Very Good
Wingi 2 Excellent in Intermediairclass
Rientje 2 Excellent in Openclass

Ayla (Arizona Rhosyn Our Loyal Welsh x My Welsh I Can Do It), for the first time in a ring, Excellent in Youthclass. She did well together with Linda. she is 10 months now and developing in a very nice young girl with a friendly and stabile temperament.


Ayla got her A-diplome for Obedience with honour. Well done girl!

2-7-2012Puppyteefje van Cari zoekt nog een baasje


Zero Zottie (Border) got the B-diplome of Obedience. Well done!


Royailes Tulip has been mated today by Dutch Ch. Eastfarm's Midnight Sun NJK'10, we espect their puppies around the 4th of october


Cyntaf Carwyn

Carwyn, youngest Welsh ever qualified on the fieldtrails and a Fieldtrailwinner lived the last 5 years with my mum after she came out of the nurseryhome. Bravely she always walked beside the "rollator", she took care of my mum day and night. We can say that she kept my mother alive for an "extra"5 years, we owe her a lot. On the day my mother died she was on the Intensive Care and she knew this was a goodbye. The last words of my mum were for her.

Thank you Carwyn and welcome home

19-08-2012 Championclubmatch WSSC Almere

Pipo (Xanthos) 4 Excellent Youthclass
Brighid 2 Very Promising Babyclass
Ayla Very Good Youthclass
Rientje 2 Excellent Openclass
Ruby (Arizona Rhosyn) 2 Excellent Breedersclass
Wingi 3 Excellent Breedersclass


Today a very dear old friend died, Noel Hunton Morgans from the Dalatikennel. Many of you will know that I spent a lot of time in Llandovery, especially in the seventies. While Dodo was more the "educating"part, she really educated me in the breed, Noel took me everywhere and showed me every corner of Wales, the place he loved so much. I owe them both a lot.

Noel, rest in peace


Brighid got the puppycertificate from obedience


Today an echo showed that Tulip is pregnant


Eyeresults for;
Xanthos - eyes all free incl. gonio
Wingi -eyes all free incl. gonio
Ayla -eyes all free, gonio laminae

Tulip is growing and growing, still 19 days to go before we can welcome her puppies


Official HD-result for Ayla is A


Spaniel Club der Schweiz (together with Kooikerhondje and Barbets) held their Clubshow the 23th of september.

Xenta Our Loyal Welsh in Youthclass - 1 Excellent, Jugend CAC and Jugendsieger, BOB and Clubwinner. That was not all. She became Best Spaniel of the day and in the end Best in Show!


6 very big puppies for Royailes Tulip and Dutch Ch. Eastfarm's Midnight Sun NJK'10

7-10-2012 Show Zwolle

Zero Zottie (Border) 4 Excellent in Youthclass

21-10-2012 SEWSSC Championship Show

Brighid First Price in Minor Puppy Bitch
Brighid was honoured with the Abeswyn Shield which she may keep for a year. te Shield will stay in the UK but ofcourse her name will be written down on it.
With that she followed in her mother's (Jayne) footsteps who was showed for the first time in the UK in 2007 and also started with a Challenge Cup.

Wingi was not placed, she was almost high in season and dropping her coat but she had a lot of fun. The saturday we spent with sightseeing and a nice visit. As always we enjoyed the UK.


The puppies from Royailes Tulip and Eastfarm's Midnight Sun are 3 weeks now and doing great, there are still 2 puppymales available.


Silke Our Loyal Welsh has been mated today by Xanthos Our Loyal Welsh, we espect their puppies around the 3th of january


Arizona Rhiannon Our Loyal welsh (Rientje) has been mated by Rocbee Woodstock (Imp.Finland), we espect their puppies around the 7th of january


New eyeresult for Rientje; eyes all free


There is still one puppymale available from Tulip and Mason

25-11-2012 Winner Amsterdam

Ayla, 2 Excellent in Juniorclass

Arizona Rhiannon (Rientje) 3 Excellent in Openclass


Pipo (Xanthos) succeeded this evening to get the B-diplome in Obedience with honour! He was the best of the group. He is trained by my eldest daughter Daphne. Way to go Pipo.


The puppies from Royailes Tulip and Eastfarms Midnight Sun are "flying"out now, there is still one lovely puppymale available.


Ch. Clubmatch NBTC
Zero Zottie - Excellent in intermediairclass


Show Wijchen
Ayla - 2 Excellent in Juniorclass
Wingi - 3 Excellent in Openclass


Earlier in the year mother Jayne was the covergirl, at the end of the year her beautiful young daughter Brighid was the covergirl on the ABHB Trimmingmagazine. The picture was made by Ria van Middelaar.


The last puppy from Tulip will fly friday to her destination. I wish the kids from Maon and Tulip all the best for the future.

At the end of the year I wish everybody a happy and healthy 2013